"All teachers and ABACUS level completion certificates must be Stamped & Authorized by Smart Brain International Franchise Corp."

Homework Help

Sometimes we just need a little outside help to get the simple things like homework done.  Our Homework Help program is available for student’s grades 2-5.  They will learn to work independently, but will have the aid of the teacher when they get stuck.  With common core, when THEY get stuck, so do WE as parents!



1- Helps to ensure that homework assignments are always completed

2- Makes certain that the homework assignments are completed according to Common Core Standards.

3- Classes are conducted by State Certified School Teachers and Certified Teacher Assistants to endure correctness.

4- Builds the confidence level of children as they guidance of a certified teacher is present to help


Students come in Monday – Thursday for 1 hours each day.

– Please understand that due to the nature of this program, we Do Not tutor in these classes.  We assist students upon difficulty and whenever needed, but this course does not take the place of our enrichment class.


Quality Control

All ABACUS teachers and Abacus level completion certificates must be Stamped & Authorized with original signature by
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