"All teachers and ABACUS level completion certificates must be Stamped & Authorized by Smart Brain International Franchise Corp."




The ABACUS, in itself is a powerful educational tool by its own right. At Smart Brain International, we have crafted a proprietary program that is light years beyond this basic concept by creating a children’s educational program.  Our All-Inclusive Right Brain Development and Abacus Arithmetic course is purposely designed to use the full capabilities and strength of the right side and left side of the brain.


The Smart Brain International Abacus program allows our students to be able to perform large & difficult calculations in the head without any help from the use of a computer or calculator. For example, a child as young as even 9 years of age, (in our Graduate Level) would be able to calculate a number as large as 739,241/329 — all in the head, without any computers, calculators, or even the Abacus!  Incredibly our Graduate Level children can accomplish this in approximately 10 seconds with near perfection each and every time at a pace equal to competition level!

Our Abacus program doesn’t just stop with just tremendous calculating power.  Equally as impressive is our student’s brain development in:
Reading Comprehension * Reading Accuracy * Reading Speed * Memory Recall & Recall Speed * Conceptualization * Writing Skills


These are just some of the attributes our Abacus program can target.  Since Smart Brain International Abacus program is a first and foremost a brain development program, we develop a region of the brain that would otherwise go underdeveloped without our aid.  Rather than getting a tutor for an hour on a weekend, Smart Brain International can education, develop, give great confidence, and get your kids to really excel.  All this while your children learn to enjoy the educational process.  Not hate it.   The Smart Brain International Abacus system was developed with 4,000 years of proof and a great helping of modern day research and development.


We can claim to be the ONLY true Abacus Arithmetic and Right Brain Development company via the constant work put forth by our company to be on the cutting edge of the industry. Our claim to be a brain development company is not a generic claim, as many educational companies make.  At Smart Brain International  our development is a true development in that our Abacus syllabus is made to fire the synaptic (chemical) pathways in the brain.  This goes back to the age old saying, “Use it, or lose it”.  Here, with us, you use it, resulting in true, unparalleled brain development in children.

Quality Control

All ABACUS teachers and Abacus level completion certificates must be Stamped & Authorized with original signature by
Smart Brain International Franchise Corp. headquarters
Please call to verify :
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