"All teachers and ABACUS level completion certificates must be Stamped & Authorized by Smart Brain International Franchise Corp."

SMART PLUS – Math, Reading/Writing Enrichment


 Using state and federal educational guidelines and syllabus, help our students to perform initially at grade level while fostering their innate ability to accelerate past this point into the next grade level.  Once into the next grade level your child’s confidence will become rock solid giving them the chance to really shine -with ease!

SMART MATH ENRICHMENT – Our certified teachers can help your child succeed by helping them with math for their grade.  Part  of this help is to assist our students on how to better understand and dissect word problems.  Word Problems can be a source of frustration for so many children.  However, with the proper  teaching and guidance your child can and will learn how to do word problems with ease.

SMART READING / WRITING –  Proper reading and writing is one of those subjects that is best taught by
an actual teacher.  We cover all the critical areas, such as: grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.

 We also address Essay Writing.  Essay writing has become an area of much needed help for today’s students.  With today’s classrooms swelling as large as 25 and up, getting a child to write well is proving to be a large task for even the best of today’s teachers.    At Smart Brain International, we have a syllabus to shows our students how formulate a great essay.  We will teach formulation of ideas, storyline generation, character building, and all the important aspects of what makes for good reading.

Our Enrichment courses are real confidence boosters.  Once your child feels they got a hold of the subject matter, they feel nothing is going to stop them.


That’s the Smart Brain International way!


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All ABACUS teachers and Abacus level completion certificates must be Stamped & Authorized with original signature by
Smart Brain International Franchise Corp. headquarters
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