"All teachers and ABACUS level completion certificates must be Stamped & Authorized by Smart Brain International Franchise Corp."

Test Preparation

Smart Test Prep


Employing those who have proven test preparation success with a track record work in our test prep center.  These same instructors, now at Smart Brian America, can make that DIFFERENCE you are looking for!  Our Test Preparation teachers are usually test prep experienced individuals, as well as Board of Ed. certified teachers.


Unlike so many other test prep centers, we do not guarantee jumps in test scores.  Why?  Simply put, when a test prep center or for that fact any educational center guarantees jumps in scores, they do so by filtering out students who they know cannot achieve those results.  In this manner, an educational facility is left with only those students who “make the cut”, therefore, guaranteeing those results.


Smart Brain International will educate each and every child who is willing to learn within our classrooms and in their home via homework.  In this manner, most any child who comes to a Smart Brain International class and does their work has a good a chance as any other to succeed.

Your child will work hand-in-hand with our certified teachers in small group settings as this is one of the bests way to learn. 

Quality Control

All ABACUS teachers and Abacus level completion certificates must be Stamped & Authorized with original signature by
Smart Brain International Franchise Corp. headquarters
Please call to verify :
1-877-BRAIN-47 (( 1-877-272-4647 ))


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