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Our sons, Shaan and Krishin, 11 & 9, respectively, began Smart Brain level about 9 weeks ago. They have already begun level 2 and entered the national competition, where Krishin won first place and a trip to take part in the worldwide competition in Bangkok. Smart Brain works! It has helped Shaan study better and retain facts. Krishin has better focus and can recall information better. The program has definitely helped our sons become better learners and they will utilize these essential learning tools throughout their educational career. Thank you for brining such a wonderful educational program to the USA!

Shaleen & Shyam

I would like everyone to know how Smart Brain program has helped my son. He is 11 years old. When he started the program his grades weren't that good. Now he has been with the program for 2 months and I have seen a change in his grades. His grades have improved tremendously. I am very pleased with the results of this program. My son also is in Karate class and his focus has improved since he has been attending Smart Brain.


I wasn't sure about what you were talking about in the beginning, but started talking around, researching & using common sense. Now I can't wait to enroll both my children. I think this is really going to benefit my son the most.

Mr. K. Mohan

I must admit, I was very skeptical about Smart Brain at first, until I started to see subtle signs of change in my son. Brandon is in the fifth grade and has a slight learing disability. He has been with Smart Brain since October 2003 (as of c. Jan 2004). Just in the past month, I have noticed he is more focused when he does his homework, especially his math**. He doesn't ask for my help that much and is able to figure out problems on his own. His reading skills have also improved. I have actually seen him turn off the T.V. and pick up a book! I am very pleased with the results of Smart Brain and hope to see even greater improvements as Brandon progresses through the system. ** His memory has also improved helping him with spelling.


I heard about this kind of teaching from my colleagues since we're all teachers. I'm a teacher in a local public school and I hope you can bring this out to the schools and help the kids.


Unfortunately, my daughter is already in college so she missed the early years. However, I do request that you try to conduct a similar or same course for those out of the specified age group. As you said, ' Mental Arithmetic has proven to show increased brain activity and blood flow to the right hemisphere of the brain'. I can only imagine that if you are stimulating an area of the brain that seems to be asleep, more or less, that a significant improvement in the overall general sense should manifest.
Keep up the great work and we look forward to any other innovative improvements to furthering the minds of children and adults.

Dr. Jerry

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